tmbdinoToon.jpg Bones and IK (Dinosaur Rigging)
An Adobe Director 11 Shockwave 3D dinosaur modelled and animated in ZBrush and 3D Studio Max. The behaviour is programmed using the Lingo scripting language, which associates the dino-behaviour and the 3D animation. [view]
t-shotton.jpg Virtual Mesolithic Shotton River Valley
A Virtual Mesolithic Shotton River Valley as it appeared 7,500 years ago before the flooding of the North Sea. The project is in collaboration with the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity, The University of Birmingham to visualise the landscape using Virtual Reality technology, Artificial Life Algorithms, and Agent-based simulation. [view]
Shotton River Agent-based Simulation of Society
An agent-based simulation of hunter-gatherers and behaviours such as adaptability, hunger, building, gathering, fire-making, forest-burning and death. [view]
tmbdinoToon.jpg Augmented Reality Campfire
An Augmented Reality (AR) simulation incorporating a 3D model of the campfire and particle systems. The simulation is an experiment on Virtual Experiential Archaeology (VEA) and Virtual Time Travel (VTT). [view]
tmbdinoToon.jpg Augmented Reality Mesolithic Couple
This is an Augmented Reality (AR) simulation incorporating two 3D models of the Mesolithic period. The male character is named Stig, and the female, Abla. They exists 7,500 years ago in the land bridge that connects continental Europe and Britain before the flooding of the North Sea. [view]

tmbdinoToon.jpg Bones and Inverse Kinematics (Springer Spaniel)
A dog modelled, rigged and animated for Improvised Explosive Device Search Project. [view]

tmb-Sup80.jpg The Superconductivity Game
A Shockwave 3D game for teaching Superconductivity. [Play]
The Bedroom The Bedroom
The Bedroom is an experimental web 3D project using shockwave 3D. [view demo]
Seabass The Seabass
The seabass was developed for an artificial life project. The fish will eventually be able to reproduce, adapt, hunt for food, explore, and experience energy transfers in a virtual environment. [view demo]
The HC Nightclub
The project based in Leicester UK looks at the conceptual design of an architectural space integrating old spatial structures with modern nightclub designs. [more]

CSEER Project
The CSEER project is situated upon a 1.083 Ha. land 5 minutes from the Cyberjaya toll at Selangor, Malaysia. The project visualises architectural space with interactive 3D prior to building construction. [more]
The Bedroom Rapture Club House
The Interior Architectural design and digital images won the best student prize in the South East Asian Image Competition (SEAIC'96) in 1996 hosted by Autodesk, Hewlett Packard, and CADCAM. [more]
Seabass Superconductivity Game
Superconductivity is a big (£6M+) research area at the University of Birmingham (Under EPSRC) and is all about materials called superconductors. The game is developed as an outreach for capturing the public and the young people. [more]