Artificial Life Simulations

Flocking Behaviour

Flocking Behaviour
Flocking behaviour simulation. [view]
Predator-Prey Predator-Prey Model
A Flash-based predator-prey simulation. [view]
Predator-Prey Shift-Life Alternate Biology
The Shift-Life project, an alternate biology and mixed reality interface supported by the Arts Council England is originally developed to engage public interaction. The project was shown at the Shift-Time Festival of Ideas at Shrewsbury (Darwin's birthplace) from 3-12 July 2009. The installment is now housed at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery. [view]
Artificial Life-Based Vegetation Vegetation Modelling
Individual-Based Modelling, Individual-Based Ecology modelling and Artificial Life-based vegetation.

Cellular Automata
Flash Based Cellular Automata
A Flash-based Cellular Automata with the Game of Life rules. [view flash]
Shotton River Agent-based Simulation of Society
An agent-based simulation of hunter-gatherers and behaviours such as adaptability, hunger, building, gathering, fire-making, forest-burning and death. [view]
Critters & Emitters
Adaptability of Vagile Life Forms
A Flash Actionscript implementation of the adaptability measure for vagile life forms. [view flash]

Path Finding
Tile-Based Path Finding
A Flash Actionscript demo of a path finding algorithm in a tile-based world. [view flash]

Wading Cube Wading Cube
A cube that learns to wade towards a goal with the flappers. [view demo]
Genetic Algorithm Genetic Algorithm: Finding solutions in a problem landscape
Based on the concept of evolution, the survival of the fittest creature rules the landscape in this simulation. [view demo]